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  • Product Focus
  • DoorKing
  • Posted September 28, 2020

Remote Account Manager Software Setting Holiday Schedules

Up to 32 different Holiday Schedules can be set up in the software. However, some holidays will need to be updated on a yearly basis as they fall on different days of the month each year.

  • Product Focus
  • EMX Industries
  • Posted September 25, 2020

Introducing the New RAVEN Microwave Motion Sensor

EMX Industries is pleased to announce the immediate availability of their newest microwave motion sensor, the RAVEN. While some sensors don't know the difference between a vehicle and a person, the RAVEN does. It will reliably distinguish between vehicle and pedestrian movement in an area. Equipped with two configurable relay outputs, the RAVEN provides custom entry control.

  • Product Focus
  • HySecurity
  • Posted September 17, 2020

Intro to HySecurity Industrial

HySecurity industrial gate operators provide the rugged, ultra-low maintenance, and decades of operation that customers demand.

  • Product Bulletin
  • HySecurity
  • Posted September 15, 2020

New 6" AdvanceDrive Wheels

The 6" AdvanceDrive wheels used in HySecurity SlideDriver models have been replaced with new wheels that do not require a metal retaining plate. The 8" AdvancedDrive and 8" XtremeDrive wheels used in some models will be updated similarly at a later date. Read the complete bulletin.

  • Product Focus
  • Locinox
  • Posted September 9, 2020

Why Locinox Electromagnetic Gate Locks are Industry Leading

Locinox is the pioneer of high quality outdoor gate hardware. All products are developed based on these four criteria: Ease of Use, Weatherproof, Industrial Quality, and Innovative Design.

  • Product Focus
  • Seco-Larm
  • Posted September 4, 2020

Wave-to-Open Sensors with Manual Override Button

The Enforcer SD-927PKC-NEVQ Wave-To-Open Sensor use IR technology to request egress from a protected area or activate a device with the simple wave of a hand. Since no touch is required, this sensor is ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, labs, cleanrooms, schools, factories, or offices.

  • Product Focus
  • LiftMaster
  • Posted September 2, 2020

Overview of LiftMaster Heavy-Duty Swing and Slide Gate Operators HDSL24UL and HDSW24UL

Heavy-duty, variable speed commercial slide and swing gate operator designed for heavy gates and continuous duty applications. Moves heavy gates up to 3,000 lbs and 75' in length (HDSL24UL) and 4,500 lbs and 25' in length (HDSW24UL).