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  • Product Focus
  • HySecurity
  • Posted February 26, 2020

The Faster SlideSmart HD15F

The all new SlideSmart HD15F from HySecurity is designed to move heavy gates (up to 1,500 lbs and 50' long) quickly, up to 2'-3" per second. Along with the ability to either post or pad mount this operator and it's built-in battery backup, this could be the perfect fit for your next gate operator project. Give us a call to discuss further, 877-816-7304.

  • Product Focus
  • Nice Group
  • Posted February 25, 2020

How to Program Inti Transmitters with Each Other

Nice Inti radio transmitters have the unique feature that allows a user to program, or add a new radio transmitter using an existing radio transmitter that has already been programmed, simply by holding the two together.

  • Tech Bulletin
  • HySecurity
  • Posted February 24, 2020

New Hydraulic Motors

HySecurity will be switching to proprietary hydraulic motors beginning with SlideDriver 30F and 40 models and continuing throughout their product lineup throughout the 2020 year. These proprietary motors have been exhaustively tested and found to be comparable and interchangeable with previously used motors from both Eaton and White. Read the full technical bulletin here with their replacement recommendations.

  • Product Focus
  • AutoGate
  • Posted February 21, 2020

Meet the Genesis Control Board

The Genesis Control Board is the heart of AutoGate's unique vertical pivot gate operator.

  • Tradeshow
  • Posted February 20, 2020

AFA FENCETECH 2020 is Right Around the Corner

Less than two weeks to go until the biggest trade show in the automatic gate operator industry, FENCETECH 2020 kicks off in Salt Lake City, UT. With over 7,000 visitors and 300 exhibition booths, the American Fence Association's FENCETECH is a great way to learn about new product, get caught up with relevant training seminars, and take part in some hands-on training.

  • Product Focus
  • HySecurity
  • Posted February 19, 2020

How to Backdrive a Gate

In the event of a power failure, or critical gate malfunction, the HySecurity SlideSmart CNX gate operator can be bypassed allowing for the gate to be manually opened or closed.

  • Product Focus
  • Nice Group
  • Posted February 18, 2020

Connecting an ASO Edge to Nice 1050US Control Board

One or more contact sensors shall be located where entrapment or obstruction risks exists, such as at the leading edge, trailing edge, and post mounted both inside and outside of a vehicular horizontal slide gate.

  • Product Bulletin
  • Seco-Larm
  • Posted February 17, 2020

Now Available Wiegand Proximity Readers

Seco-Larm now offers a full range of wiegand proximity card readers that will work with the access control system of choice. Readers are available in a standard size, mullion size, and mini size, and are all designed to work off 9-24VDC with extremely low current draw.

  • Product Bulletin
  • LiftMaster
  • Posted February 12, 2020

Traffic Control Product Discontinuation

LiftMaster has made a major announcement regarding their product portfolio. They have made the decision to exit the traffic control portion of their business to focus resources on the success of their core business. This includes all traffic spikes, lift and swing gates, motorized traffic systems, and related accessories.

All products to be discontinued will be offered in limited quantities and will only be available while supplies last. All purchased product will be supported through the warranty period and service parts will continue to be available until further notice.

  • Product Focus
  • Locinox
  • Posted February 11, 2020

Your Lock Solution for Any Site

Locinox is an international trendsetter in the fencing and gate world. Their products are designed specifically for your sector where innovation, quality and ease of installation make the difference. A motivated team of engineers and prototypers work hard on a daily basis to further expand the Locinox range with new products.

Locinox products are of industrial quality. They are tested extensively by the Locinox R&D department in the most extreme circumstances. High quality materials and surface treatments ready for years of outdoor use are a basic requirement. Thanks to the special tools, the patented Quick-Fix and the Plug & Play design - installation happens in a blink of an eye.

Check out the complete line of gate locks and hardware, they're designed to simplify your installation and guarantee reliability!

  • Product Focus
  • DoorKing
  • Posted February 10, 2020

Access Plus Account Manager Software Adding an Access Code

Access codes are 4-digit numbers that grant access when entered on the entry systems keypad. Provide these to tenants and guests alike.

  • Product Focus
  • HySecurity
  • Posted February 7, 2020

How to Upgrade the Software

The HySecurity SlideSmart & SwingSmart CNX gate operators can easily be updated with the latest software to take advantage of newly released features and bug fixes. Download the software at

  • Product Focus
  • EMX
  • Posted February 5, 2020

Retroreflective Photo Eye Featuring Excess Gain

If you own or service automatic gate operators, you most likely are familiar with the troubles a misaligned photo eye can cause. EMX's IRB-RET features exceptional excess gain, or sensing reliability, even when the reflector isn't perfectly aligned, or has dirt and debris on it.

  • Product Focus
  • Seco-Larm
  • Posted February 4, 2020

Access Control Power Supplies

Are you looking for an affordable access control power supply? Look no further. The EAP-1D1Q from Seco-Larm provides a regulated 1A@12/24VDC output and a selectable 2.2kΩ end-of-line (EOL) resistor for AC failure and battery failure supervision relays.

Additional features include;

  • AC Input and DC output LED status indicators
  • Adjustable output voltage to compensate for voltage drop
  • AC power failure supervision relay
  • Built-in back-up battery charger (batteries not included)
  • Heavy-duty steel case with removable cover for easy access to connections