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  • Product Bulletin
  • DoorKing
  • Posted August 27, 2018

Model 1000 Inverter/ Power Backup

DoorKing is making changes to their Model 1000 necessitated by changes in the UL 1778 Safety Standards to which the Model 1000 is listed.

The following models will be discontinued;

  • 1000-080, 1000 Watt, Modified Sine Wave, one (1) 35 Ah battery, can power a single 1/2 hp operator, DKS operators only
  • 1000-082, 1000 Watt, Pure Sine Wave, two (2) 35 Ah batteries, can power up to two (2) 1/2 hp operators, or one (1) 1 hp operator, works with all operators

The following model has been added and replaces the previous models;

  • 1000-083, 1000 Watt, Pure Sine Wave, (2) 35 Ah batteries, can power can power up to two (2) 1/2 hp operators, or one (1) 1 hp operator, works with all operators

  • Announcement
  • EMX Industries, Inc
  • Posted August 23, 2018

Price Change Notice

Prices have held for the last three years, but due to multiple material cost increases for metal and electronic components required for production, as well as changes in the UL 325 Standards, EMX will implement a 3% price increase on all their access control products starting September 17, 2018.

  • Product Bulletin
  • FAAC
  • Posted August 20, 2018

New 455 D Control Board in Kits

Due to changes in the UL325 Standard, effective August 1, 2018, FAAC has made some modifications to the 455 D software. New boards with a new part number and this latest software will be included in all new kits starting August 20.

New part numbers for 455 D control boards;

  • 790944, Control Board, 115V
  • 790945, Control Board, 230V

Old versions of the the 455 D, with the old part numbers, will still be available for replacements on existing installations.

  • Product Bulletin
  • HySecurity
  • Posted August 16, 2018

UL325 7th Edition Software Release

The latest software release to bring HySecurity gate operators into compliance with UL325 7th Edition is now available. Login to the HySecurity website to download.

Latest versions

  • h4.60 for Smart Touch Controllers (STC) hydraulic operators
  • h5.60 for Smart DC Controllers (SDC) electro-mechanical operators
  • v3.04 for S.T.A.R.T

  • Product Focus
  • LiftMaster
  • Posted August 9, 2018

Gate Hardware for your Application

LiftMaster has a comprehensive line of gate hardware. Whether your application calls for the security of the tamperproof hinges, the protection of their wheel covers or the reliability of the LiftMaster Power Wheel, they have the right hardware for you.

Remember, building codes require gates to be constructed to ASTM F2200 standards, which includes the use of wheel covers. Browse the complete gate hardware catalog.

  • Product Focus
  • EMX Industries
  • Posted August 8, 2018

EMX's First Ever UL Rated Photo Eye is Now 2018 Compliant

Introduced in 1999, the IRB-325 was EMX Industries' very first UL rated photo eye. In fact, it was the industry's first ever photo eye to meet UL325 standards.

Over the years, the IRB-325 has proven to be a reliable and widely used safety device for gate and door operators. Now meeting the 2018 UL325 standards, the IRB-325 continues to be a trusted answer for monitored protection.

  • 65' range
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • NC monitoring

Download more info.

  • Product Focus
  • LiftMaster
  • Posted August 8, 2018

Ultra Reliable Systems for UL325 Compliance

LiftMaster has updated their retro-reflective photo eye. The new LMRRUL is now available, and will be included with all slide gate operators.

The new LMRRUL, Retro-Reflective Photo Eye features;

  • Wide beam and larger reflector to prevent misalignment and reduce callbacks
  • Environment-control features keep it operating in inclement weather
  • Adjustable brackets make installations easier
  • Aesthetically pleasing low profile

  • Product Bulletin
  • Nice Group
  • Posted August 3, 2018

Important Firmware Update for 936 Controllers

Reports indicate that Nice operators are experiencing issues related to learning operator limits, and setting up and operating a dual gate set-up.

The latest firmware release, Revision 7.1, for Nice 936 Controllers is now available. This latest firmware release has been designed to deliver;

  • Improved gate sync feature for dual gate installations
  • Increased responsiveness for current sensing - gate stops and reverses more quickly when current sensing condition is detected
  • Enhanced response for dual gate installations - maintains programmed open/close limits

Login, or register and download code you need from the HySecurity's website, or contact technical Support at 1-800-226-0178, or

  • Product Focus
  • HySecurity
  • Posted August 2, 2018

SwingRiser Lift and Swing Industrial Swing Gate Operator

HySecurity's unique single or twin post swing gate operator moves gate leaf with graceful, smooth lift and swing. Gate leaf is raised a full 12 inches during the gate open cycle to clear obstacles like snow, rocks, curbs and road inclines. Gate locks mechanically with optional locking pin that locks into receptacle when gate gently lowers at end of its cycle. Download more info.

  • Product Bulletin
  • Nice Group
  • Posted August 1, 2018

UL325 2018 Update

Effective August 1, 2018, the Nice Group 7000 Series of Slide Gate Operators (7251, 7351) will begin to ship with two sets of EPMOB-A Blue Bus Photo Eyes in order to be compliant with recent changes to the safety standard. All other products will remain unchanged.

  • Product Bulletin
  • LiftMaster
  • Posted August 1, 2018

New Post Mounting Bracket

LiftMaster has improved the post K77-19130 mounting bracket for all LA400 and LA412 Linear Actuators. The new brackets feature a stronger material that is 2x the yield strength to address a small number of reports of the old bracket bending in the field. The new bracket is silver in color and marked with a "D". It is currently shipping with all new LA400 and LA412 Linear Actuators.

Included in the new Post Bracket Kit; post mount bracket, pull-to-open bracket, gate bracket, hardware.