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Break-Away Aluminum Arm Hardware Kit

The break-away aluminum arm hardware kit is used to mount a lighted, or non-lighted, straight aluminum break-away barrier arm to a DoorKing model 1601 operator. If the arm is struck and breaks-away, the gate operator will automatically shutdown. The arm simply snaps back into the release rollers to function normally again. Arm installation varies depending on the operator model and individual installation requirements. All operators are equipped with 2 hub connections on opposite sides of the operator for any installation application.

  • This item is not included with the operator
  • A single hub should be mounted on the opposite side of oncoming traffic
  • Works with DoorKing 1601 barrier gate
  • Kit provides a break-away bracket assembly for a straight aluminum arm
  • Use with 1601-520, break-away lighted aluminum arm and 1601-522, break-away non-lighted aluminum arm
  • Do not use with gate operators equipped with the Convenience Open (C.O.) feature

  • $770.40
  • $856.00
  • Easy bolt-on
  • Break-away
  • Use with 1601-520, break-away lighted aluminum arm and 1601-522, break-away non-lighted aluminum arm
  • Kit includes: arm pivot bracket assembly, arm sleeve, arm wire harness, relay/power wire harness, relay mounting plate assembly, arm pivot bolt, securing nuts/bolts, power transformer, zip ties, adhesive zip ties, and a plastic cover

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