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Lighted Aluminum Arm Hardware Kit

The lighted aluminum arm hardware kit is used to mount a straight, lighted, aluminum barrier arm to a DoorKing model 1601 or 1603 operator. Arm installation varies depending on the operator model and individual installation requirements. All operators are equipped with 2 hub connections on opposite sides of the operator for any installation application.

  • This item is not included with the operator
  • A single hub should be mounted on the opposite side of oncoming traffic
  • Works with DoorKing 1601 or 1603 barrier gate
  • Kit provides a bracket, hardware, and wire harness assembly to install a lighted aluminum arm
  • Use with 1601-518 lighted aluminum arm
  • Requires 1601-535 lighted aluminum arm power harness
  • Compatiable with older DoorKing 1601 and 1603 gates

  • $142.20
  • $158.00
  • Easy bolt-on
  • Use with 1601-518, lighted aluminum arm
  • Kit includes: Arm bracket with three arm securing bolts/nuts, hub/arm bracket hardware, arm wire harness, power wire harness, plastic cover, power transformer, two wire nuts, zip ties, and adhesive zip ties
  • For older DoorKing 1601 and 1603 gate operators, a 5/8" hole will have to be drilled in the operator cabinet for wire harness

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