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Traffic Spike Lock Down Tool

This lock down tool is designed to manually raise and lower DoorKing surface mount traffic spikes. The 1610 traffic spikes slow vehicle traffic through controlled access points and enforce one-way traffic lanes. Add optional speed bumps to maintain safe speeds while passing over traffic spikes.

  • Lock down tool required for stand-alone traffic spikes
  • Works with DoorKing surface mount stand-alone traffic spikes
  • Surface mount spikes double as a speed bump and require no trenching
  • Spring loaded surface mount available in 3' sections
  • A 1615-080 warning sign must be used with traffic spikes

*Speeds greater than 5 mph while travelling over traffic spikes can cause tire damage.

  • $133.20
  • $148.00
  • Lock down tool is required with stand-alone traffic spikes
  • One tool required with stand-alone surface mount traffic spikes
  • Each 3' spike section has three seperate spike assemblies. Each section can be raised and lowered independently with the lock down tool
  • Lock down tool compresses traffic spike assemblies and springs while engaging the locking tab
  • A 1615-080 warning sign is required with traffic spikes
  • Traffic spikes should only be used in a parking situation or other areas where traffic can be slowed to a maximum of 5 mph before crossing spikes
  • It is extremely important that traffic spikes are installed in an area that is illuminated and is clearly marked with warning signs
  • Traffic spikes must always be installed at a 90° angle, never installed in blind spots, corners or curves
  • 1610-150 speed bumps prevent cars from travelling excessive speeds over spikes

Parking Control

  • Brochure - Parking Control
  • Manual - PAMS - Perimeter Access Management Solution
  • Manual - Loops & Loop Detectors
  • Info - MUTCD, the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices

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