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Heavy-Duty Flush Mount Stand-Alone Traffic Spikes w/ Spring Retraction

The 1610 traffic spikes slow vehicle traffic through controlled access points and enforce one-way traffic lanes. Add optional speed bumps to maintain safe speeds while passing over traffic spikes.

  • Heavy-duty spikes feature a 1/4" top plate
  • Flush mount in concrete
  • Spikes are spring retracted
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Requires two 1610-012 lock down tools
  • A 1610-080 warning sign must be used with traffic spikes

*Speeds greater than 5 mph while travelling over traffic spikes can cause tire damage.

  • $1,512.00
  • $1,680.00
  • Heavy-duty
  • Flush mount
  • Requires two 1610-012 lock down tools
  • 1615-080 warning sign required
  • Use with 1610-150 speed bumps to prevent cars from travelling excessive speeds over spikes
  • Galvanized steel housing
  • Top plate and spikes are painted bright red for easy visibility
  • Each 72" spike system has two seperate 3' spike rods. Spikes are raised and lowered ten spikes at a time using two lock down tools at a time
  • Lock down tool compresses springs to raise and lower spikes into locked position
  • Traffic spikes should only be used in a parking situation or other areas where traffic can be slowed to a maximum of 5 mph before crossing spikes
  • It is extremely important that traffic spikes are installed in an area that is illuminated and is clearly marked with warning signs
  • Traffic spikes must always be installed at a 90° angle, never installed in blind spots, corners or curves
  • Neglecting to regularly clean dirt and debris from inside traffic spikes is the number one casue of excessive spring breakages and traffic spike malfunctions
  • Dimensions: 72"W x 6"H x 12"L

Parking Control

  • Brochure - Parking Control
  • Manual - PAMS - Perimeter Access Management Solution
  • Manual - Loops & Loop Detectors
  • Info - MUTCD, the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices

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