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Dual Channel Plug-In Loop Detector

This "self-tuning" loop detector is designed to be used with DoorKing vehicular gate operators only and control two individual loops (including two series wired reversing loops configuration). The loop detector plugs into loop detector ports on the gate operator control board. This "self-tuning" detector will constantly monitor the loop's frequency status and "self-tune" for any minor deviations with the frequencies to keep the loop operating normally and decrease "false calls". The detector also employs several automatic and advanced features that will assist technicians in the field with troubleshooting loop problems.

  • Works with DoorKing gate operators
  • Plug-in
  • Vehicle loops can be used to activate card readers, ticket spitters, etc
  • When properlly installed, loops are an extremely reliable form of vehicle detection
  • Loop diagnostics LEDs
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Sensitivity boost
  • Frequency setting
  • Self-tuning
  • Form C dry contact relay output

  • $356.40
  • $396.00
  • Refer to the Loops & Loop Detectors manual for detailed loop information
  • Works with DoorKing gate operators only
  • Two loop inputs
  • Self tuning circuitry that automatically adjusts for different loops and changes in weather
  • Sensitivity boost automatically increases sensitivity during detection. Prevents dropout from high bed vehicles
  • Four frequencies available
  • Four sensititvity levels
  • LEDs to indicate when power is applied, when the loop is triggered, and for diagnostics
  • Output of loop 2 can activate a form C dry contact relay
  • Reset button
  • Manual - Loops & Loop Detectors
  • Manual - Single Channel Detector
  • Manual - Single Channel Detector, w/ AUX Relay
  • Manual - Dual Channel Detector

Parking Control

  • Brochure - Parking Control
  • Manual - PAMS - Perimeter Access Management Solution
  • Manual - Loops & Loop Detectors
  • Info - MUTCD, the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices

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