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Smart DC Controller Board

The Smart DC controller takes the trouble out of troubleshooting, the angst out configuration, and the expense out of installing custom PLCs and off-board relays. HySecurity solved this challenge with a single platform, solid state, user and installer configurable controller. The Smart controller offers more than 70 configurable settings from a simple automatic close timer to saving and reporting critical date and time stamped security breach and system malfunction alerts.

  • Security and breach reporting
  • Real time communication to site security system
  • Safe mode
  • Entrapment mode
  • Programming menu

  • $377.10
  • $419.00
  • Menu mode for installer and end user configuration
  • Patented anti-tailgate mode
  • Ample user inputs
  • Solid state and SPDT installer configurable relay outputs for many interface options
  • Optional plug-in HY-5A vehicle detectors that can't crosstalk
  • USB and RS-232 for connection to laptop
  • Easy dual and sequential gate using RS-485 communication
  • Robust design assures ultra-reliability
  • Configurable "warn before operate" buzzer
  • Configure operator using keypad or laptop with S.T.A.R.T. software
  • Built-in power surge/ lightning strike protection
  • Approved to the latest UL 991 and UL 325 standards

Parking Solutions

StrongArmPark DC


Barrier Arms

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