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Hy5B Vehicle Detector

Improved loop detector module with digital interface to Smart Touch or Smart DC board. Compatible with Hy5A. Automatically sets sensitivity. Automatically compensates for gate movement. Advanced loop diagnostics.

  • Works with HySecurity gate operators
  • Plug-in
  • Vehicle loops can be used to activate card readers, ticket spitters, etc
  • When properlly installed, loops are an extremely reliable form of vehicle detection
  • Status LEDs
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Sensitivity boost
  • Self-adjusting frequency
  • Self-tuning

  • $163.80
  • $182.00
  • Includes: loop detector, plastic standoffs
  • Works with HySecurity gate operators only
  • Single loop input
  • Smart Touch technology automatically tunes each detector to its own frequency making cross talk between loops impossible
  • Direct microprocessor communication
  • Controller memorizes the vacant loop frequency allowing the HY-5A to detect vehicles on power up
  • Super low energy draw (<5mA)
  • Eight different sensitivity levels, with or without boost
  • Sensitivity boost automatically increases sensitivity during detection. Prevents dropout from high bed vehicles
  • Loop frequency, detection strength, loop faults, and malfunctions can be viewed on the HySecurity Smart Touch or Smart DC controller display
  • HySecurity control boards offer four HY-5A sockets for free exit, inside obstruction, outside obstruction, and center loop function
  • Dimensions: 1.75" x 3.25"

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