New Proprietary RFID Long-Range Reader and Tags

LiftMaster has added a proprietary RFID long-range reader and vehicle tags system to their comprehensive line of access control solutions. Download more info to share with your prospective clients. Unique Identification Applied to each individual tag for community and visitor traceability. Reduced Vehicle Congestion Capable of reading RFID vehicle tags [...]

2022-07-19T19:28:40+00:00June 13, 2019|Announcement, LiftMaster|

New Alleyway Gate Closer

Introducing the Verticlose-2-Wall; a new hydraulic gate closer designed for alleyway gates or other configurations where a traditional 'push to close' gate closer will not work. The Verticlose-2-Wall can be installed on the inside of an outward swinging gate. That's right, a pull to close configuration!

2022-07-19T19:20:46+00:00June 3, 2019|Announcement, Locinox|

Sunsetting Noice

Effective immediately, Linear is sunsetting the following products. Most models will be available for a last time buy until 6/12/2019 or until supplies run out. Telephone Entry Systems ACP00892, nickel finish ACP00896S, steel finish ACP00910, nickel finish ACP00919S, steel finish […]

2022-07-19T19:18:00+00:00May 31, 2019|Announcement, Linear|

Replacement Key Change

Effective immediately, DoorKing part number 2600-657, replacement key 16120, has been discontinued and is no longer available. If additional keys are needed, you will need to purchase the 16120 lock set (part number 4001-035). Please be aware that the 16120 key lock that is typically included from the factory with [...]

2022-07-19T19:10:59+00:00May 23, 2019|Announcement, DoorKing|

Part Number Change for Hy5B

HySecurity has made a change to the Hy5B that requires a new part number. Effective immediately please order MX4621 rather than MX4125. The new detectors are marked “Hy5B 2.0”. HySecurity’s new SmartCNX controller will operate at a lower voltage than Smart Touch and Smart DC controllers. To be compatible, the [...]

2022-07-19T19:08:37+00:00May 23, 2019|Announcement, HySecurity|
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