Thea Photo Eye

BFT has released an innovative thru-beam photo eye that incorporates flashing beacons, the THEA. This device takes what would typically be two separate safety devices and makes one simple to install device.

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Maxima Ultra Barrier Gate

The Maxima barrier gate operator from BFT features inverter technology, three-phase motor, designed to operate across a wide range of usage conditions. For example, in large parking lots or toll booths with frequent motion reversals. Spring loaded break away Red and green booms lights Self diagnosis blinking lights on the [...]

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4G Cellular Update

BFT has organized an economical cellular plan with unlimited voice and texting and 500 MB Data with AT&T 4G for a low monthly rate of $19.95 plus taxes. An AT&T SIM card is included at no charge for easy activation. Download more info on the BFT Cell Box Prime 4G [...]

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BFT Price Increase

Due to increases in tariffs, material and transportation costs, BFT Americas will initiate a 3% price increase effective June 1, 2019. This increase will be across their gate automation product range, spare parts, accessories and Cellular and WIFI access systems. An updated price list will be available shortly. Please contact [...]

2022-07-19T19:07:02+00:00May 14, 2019|Announcement, BFT|

High Sensitivity to Obstacles

D-Track technology helps with the precise operation of gate operators, it works in a variety of weather conditions and degrees of mechanical wear. D-Track is a smart torque management system that can calculate the level of torque required to operate. This helps with the accuracy of operations and improves safety [...]

2022-07-19T18:52:08+00:00May 6, 2019|BFT, Product Focus|

Customized Transmitters

Now companies of all sizes can have personalized transmitters printed with their own logo from a minimum run of just 100 units. Choose from a range of different colors including: clear ice white, vineyard red, sunrise yellow and deep sea blue. Serial numbers can also be added to the transmitters [...]

2022-07-19T16:12:08+00:00January 2, 2019|BFT, Product Focus|
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