The Invisible Interio

The invisible Interio gate closer from Locinox, with matching hinge set, is completely built into the gate frame! Opens and closes gates up to 125°, has an adjustable closing speed and final snap, and can be configured for left or right-handed gates.   https://youtu.be/7-pDV01Y2j0

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Your Lock Solution for Any Site

Locinox is an international trendsetter in the fencing and gate world. Their products are designed specifically for your sector where innovation, quality and ease of installation make the difference. A motivated team of engineers and prototypers work hard on a daily basis to further expand the Locinox range with new [...]

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The Best Part About Locinox Hinges?

They're developed with the same precision and at the same quality standards as the other Locinox products. Locinox hinges are totally weatherproof to keep your gate fully functional, regardless of temperature or humidity. And their patented Quick-Fix mounting bolts give the flexibility and adjustability for maximum efficiency while installing. From [...]

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NEW: SF Keep for Narrow Gaps

The new durable, stainless steel surface-mounted keep is designed for Locinox's complete range of surface mounted swing gate locks. The limited 5/16" visible thickness ensures a discreet look while strongly securing to the gate frame with their unique Quick-Fix bolts. With minimal gate preparation needed and a quick assembly, the [...]

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