Anyone who has ever sold or installed gate or door wireless access systems knows radio frequency (RF) interference can wreak havoc on even the most reliable wireless systems. For this reason, Miller Edge is pleased to announce enhancements incorporated into RBand units as of April 1, 2018, featuring upgrades specifically designed to make RBand units even more reliable across a wider array of installation environments – regardless of its degree of RF interference. Field test results over the last several months have demonstrated significant, measurable performance improvements as a result of these enhancements – even in the harshest RF interference environments.

Enhancements Include;

  • Improved RF immunity through software upgrades allowing the units to better ignore RF noise and focus on receiver and transmitter communications
  • Improved software, allowing RBand units to self-assess and increase power output depending on the RF interference levels
  • Shortened response timing, resulting in exceptional synchronization with any and all gate and door operator brands

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