Cellular Adapter, voice only, cellular to phone


Provides a connection over DoorKing’s cellular network from your DoorKing entry system to enable voice communication. The cellular connection is easy to install and sets up with instant access. There is no programming (data) service with this adapter. If voice and data are required, use the 1800-080 Cellular Adapter.

This adapter uses DoorKing’s cellular network that is hosted on the AT&T 4G LTE network. This is a fee-based service. Cellular is the perfect option for locations that do not have access to a phone or internet line and don’t want to dig a trench to add one, properties with remote access points, or for users who want the most up-to-date method of connection – plus, it’s more affordable than a traditional business line.

Existing DoorKing telephone entry systems can be easily retrofitted and updated to a cellular connection with this DKS cellular adapter.


Weight5.55 lbs
Dimensions17 × 12 × 19 in

Warranty1 year
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Standard Casepack1
Customer Lead Time1W


Will work with up to two entry systems
For voice only connection
Compatible with all DKS entry systems
Retrofit to your existing DKS entry system
No phone lines or internet connection cables to run – no trenching or conduits to install
No configuring routers, port forwarding, firewalls, or setting up DDNS service
No obsolete slow modems – entry systems program much faster
Cellular offers crystal clear sound – no hums or buzzes
Cellular is practically immune to power surges and lightning damage.
Nationwide coverage where ever cell service available
Competitive monthly rates
Turn remote locations into serviceable sites
Includes transformer





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