Plus, Tele Entry & Access System, surface, 27 #s, 50 cards, 24VAC




Plus, Tele Entry & Access System, surface, 27 #s, 50 cards, 24VAC



Updated version of the Classic with an upgraded processor, a new high fidelity digital voice circuit, better volume control, a lighted push-button, and additional call out to up to 27 telephone numbers.

This unique communication and access control system allows homeowners to use their existing telephone as an intercom to speak with a guest at a door or gate and is ideal for those applications requiring a basic, single door or gate, access control solution.


Weight11.7 lbs
Dimensions9.5 × 10.25 × 14 in

Warranty2 year
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Standard Casepack1
Customer Lead Time1W


Talk to your guest at a front door or gate from any telephone in the home
Modular design makes installation and service easy
Built-in clock/calendar
Do-not-disturb feature
Four hold open time zones
Answer machine bypass feature
50 5-digit entry codes with time zone restrictions on some codes
10 temporary entry codes with start and end dates
Intercom mode for use with PBX and KSU phone systems
Camera ready
System connects directly to the homeowner’s existing telephone line. No additional monthly expenses for a separate telephone line
Digital voice circuit for crystal clear communication
Calls from access system are identified with a double ring
Two relays allow control of two doors or gates
Answer machine bypass feature allows the homeowner to call the 1812 from an off-site location and “by-pass” a home answering machine to perform programming operations
Built-in call waiting so calls from the access system are never missed – even if you’re on the phone
Call forwarding – never miss an access system call, even if you’re away from your home, with time zone restrictions
Dial-out function provides up to 27 alternate phone numbers for the system to call
Grant guest access by pressing 9 on the telephone
Stainless steel faceplate
Galvanized steel sub-plate
Metal keypad
Offset speaker holes for protection
Indoor or outdoor applications
Enclosures are NEMA 4x rated
Full duplex voice communication
Multiple systems may share same phone line
Secondary keypad can be added for entry code access at a second door or gate
Unit can be programmed to work with PBX and KSU phone systems.







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