The DoorKing 2358, Tracker Expansion Board product line has been changed to conform to updated requirements in the UL 294 Standard. The primary change is that the 2358-010, Tracker Board must now be sold within an enclosure for it to be ETL Listed.

Effective immediately, the following changes have been instituted;

  • 2351-080, Single Enclosure will now include (1) 2358-010, Tracker Board and (1) 1508-060, 16VAC, 40 VA, Transformer.
  • Created new part number 2351-084, Single Enclosure, which will include (1) 2358-010, Tracker Board, (1) 1489-080, Wireless Module, and (1) 1508-060, 16VAC, 40 VA, Transformer.
  • 2351-082, Quad Enclosure will now include (1) 2358-010, Tracker Board and (1) 1804-060, 16VAC, 20 VA, Transformer.
  • 2351-081, Quad Enclsoure will be discontinued.
  • Additional tracker boards for the quad enclosure, or replacement purposes, remain unchaged.

DoorKing has added five general purpose utility enclosures that can be used as needed. These enclosures do not have any power receptacles or terminals and are not listed to any safety standard.

  • 0102-080, Small Lockable Metal Enclosure
  • 0102-081, Large Lockable Metal Enclosure
  • 0102-082, Medium Lockable Metal Enclosre
  • 0102-083, Small Lockable Plastic Enclosure
  • 0102-084, Medium Lockable Plastic Enclousre

More info can be found in the DoorKing telephone entry pricebook, or by calling Total Security Warehouse at 877-816-7304.

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