As the leader in gate safety, LiftMaster keeps safe gate installations at the forefront of everything they do. In effort to support updates to the UL325 Standard effective August 1, 2018, the following changes will be made;

  • Replacement control boards for the 2016-2018 slide gate operators (CSL24U, RSL12U, SL3000U, SL585U, SL595U) will be updated with new firmware that will require two monitored entrapment protection devices be installed at each entrapment zone (the built-in inherent reversing system counts as one device). For a limited time, customers may upgrade their existing 2016-2018 slide gate operator control boards, and purchase new entrapment protection devices for discounted prices. Read more here.
  • A new monitored LMRRUL, Photo Eye will be released
  • Slide gate operators (RSL12UL, CSL24UL, SL3000UL, SL585UL, SL595UL) will be shipped with a S505AL, Edge Sensor in addition to a LMRRUL, Photo Eye. A slight price increase in these operators will be seen due to the newly included edge sensor.
  • Existing 2016 gate operator models ending with the letter “U” will be replaced by new model numbers ending with “UL” (i.e. CSW24U will now be CSW24UL). Take a look at all the new part numbers here.
UL325 2018 Update
New Post Mounting Bracket