Bondo Traffic, Loop Sealant, brown, 1 gal, inc hardener


Bondo Traffic, P-606 Flexible Loop Sealer with hardener is highly durable and remains permanently flexible. This loop sealant can withstand the corrosive effect of road salts, automotive fluids, jet fuel, gasoline and extreme weather conditions.

Features rapid chemical curing, which minimizes the length of time a lane is closed, and has extreme adhesion to concrete and asphalt. It cures in less than one hour and is highly resistant to automotive fluids, jet fuel and extreme weather conditions.

Designed specifically for shielding detector loop wires, P-606 loop sealer encapsulates, insulates and protects while resisting weather and chemicals. It hardens smooth without finishing and stays strong and flexible even in extreme temperatures. The sealant bonds with virtually any concrete or asphalt surface.

The sealant can be applied directly into the sawcut to form a durable tack free shell around detector loop wires without running into low spots, even on crowned or sloped roadways. This tough, flexible material also prevents the wires from moving around as it keeps contaminants away from them, minimizing false calls.

The cured sealant presents a smooth surface across the sawcut so workers do not have to spend extra time finishing. It won’t degrade in high temperatures, fracture even at temperatures as low as -40° F, or shrink over time; so you can say goodbye to call-backs for refilling or additional repairs.


Weight12.25 lbs
Dimensions6.5 × 6.5 × 7.5 in

WarrantyNo warranty
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Standard Casepack1
Customer Lead Time3M


Includes hardener
One gallon
Rapid chemical curing minimizes the length of time a lane is closed
Compatible with concrete or asphalt, fresh or aged, wet or dry for consistent low maintenance results
Sealant does not shrink – say goodbye to call-backs for refilling
Cures to a smooth surface – no finishing required
Sealant remains temperature stable and permanently flexible
Encapsulates, insulates and protects detector loop wires from harsh roadway environments



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