Wholesale Property Security Product Solutions

Card Readers

Long and short-range card readers with a cosmetically appealing design that will blend with any architectural design and offer high durability and reliability.

Gate Operators

Hydraulic or electromechanical gate operators in swing, slide, barrier and lift styles for residential, commercial, and industrial locations.


Surface and flush mount keypads that provide access control for virtually any interior or exterior application where digital code entry is desired.

Mounting Posts

Architectural and designer style posts available for vehicular traffic or walk-up pedestrian use that can be mounted in-ground or to the surface.

Photo Eyes

Reflective and thru-beam eyes to provide pedestrian safety for gate openings a hundred feet wide or more.

Radio Controls

One to four channel transmitters and receivers with available Wiegand outputs for conveniently opening automatic gates or doors.

Telephone Entry Systems

Basic stand-alone telephone entry systems, intercom stations, and PC programmable systems to control automatic gates or doors.

Traffic Spikes

In-ground and surface mount systems designed to permit one-way commercial or industrial vehicular traffic only.

Barrier Gate Operators
Slide Gate Operators
Swing Gate Operator
Push Button
Alarm Strobes
Access Controllers
Radio Controls
Gate Closers
Emergency Access
Heater Kits
Locking Devices
Loop Detection
Manual Gates
Mounting Kits
Safety Devices
Replacement Parts
Solar Power
Step Down Transformers
Time Clocks