Control Box, main, houses 13 relay boards, for 1816/1820


The Model 1816 telephone intercom system provides communication to, and control of, a door (or gate) for up to 1200 users without the need for a dedicated Central Office (C.O.) phone line. This eliminates monthly line charges and equipment lease payments to the telephone company. The system is used widely with housing authority projects and low income housing because the system will provide all building residents, whether they have central office phone service or not, with communication and control of the door or gate.


Weight34.8 lbs
Dimensions9.25 × 17.25 × 32.5 in

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Standard Casepack1
Customer Lead Time1W


Includes 1816 system control board, enclosure and transformer.
Can house up to 13 relays boards and 1 decoder board to interface with up to 156 phone lines.
Does not include relay boards.
No Central Office necessary, just plug a touch-tone telephone into the apartment phone jack.
Guest are identified by voice communication via the telephone. Access is granted by pressing “9” on the touch tone telephone, or access can be denied by simply hanging up.
Doorman telephone inputs for high-rise apartment buildings.
Easily expanded with additional line interface boards.
True full duplex communication.
Interfaces with all DKS telephone entry/access control systems.
Directory codes can be programmed to numbers of your choice.
No reprogramming required when residents move in or out.
Double ring feature identifies lobby panel call.
Do-Not-Disturb feature.
Call forwarding feature.





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