MicroClik/MicroPlus, Receiver, 1 ch, 318 MHz, Wiegand/stand-alone, 5300 codes


With automobile manufacturers building code copiers directly into todays cars, it’s easy for a supposedly “secure” RF transmitter code to get into the wrong hands. And, how many car owners remember to delete their code when they sell or trade-in their car? This is the equivalent to leaving a copy of your front door key on the key ring when you hand the keys over to the new owner.

This can’t happen with MicroPlus RF controls. MicroPlus RF controls provide you with the highest level of security available with RF access controls. Our coding and encryption schemes are not shared with other producers, resulting in transmitter codes that cannot be duplicated or copied. With MicroPlus controls, you are assured that only the original intended transmitter will activate your access system.

MicroClik RF controls are designed to provide convenience and security, but do not have copy-proof encoding schemes found in the MicroPlus­ product line. This allows MicroClik transmitter codes to be copied into the built-in transmitters found in many luxury automobiles, however we do not guarantee this commonality or functionality.

This receiver can be programmed to receive a signal from the MicroPlus or MicroClik transmitters, which allows the homeowner to choose their type of remote.


Weight0.6 lbs
Dimensions2.5 × 4.5 × 7.875 in

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Standard Casepack1
Customer Lead Time1W


Includs antenna
Provides remote operation of vehicular access gates from the safety and convenience of a vehicle
MicroPlus transmitter codes cannot be copied assuring that only the original intended transmitters will activate the access control system
MicroClik transmitters are compatible with the HomeLink system found in many automobiles
Over 286,000,000 transmitter codes available plus an encrypted “sync” code that changes every time the transmitter is used
MicroPlus and MicroClik RF controls may be used as a stand-alone access control system or can be interfaced with 26, 30 or 31-bit wiegand controllers
Can be used with MicroClik or MicroPlus transmitters





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