Pedestal PRO


Mounting Post, dual-height, gooseneck, surface, 42/72″, black, 12″ offset, 2″ sq tube


A sturdy, cost effective, pad mount, dual height mounting post (double channel) for buses, dump trucks, cement trucks, semi trucks, and other large transportation vehicles. The driver may not have to pull back his mirror when approaching a pedestal at this height. Also mounts cameras, card readers, intercoms, keypads, entry/exit buttons, biometric readers, telephone entry systems, housings, and other access control devices. Most often installed for automatic gate entry and exit, parking lot, and perimeter access applications. Includes a face plate with universal holes patterns, heavy duty base plate, and a sliding cover plate to hide the mounting bolts that secure the base.

Whereas a competing mounting post may be made from .074″ wall tube, this mounting post is made from .120″ wall tube (62% more steel) and is designed to withstand abuse from vandals or mother nature. This mounting post has passed facewind testing protocol which determined it can survive sustained Category 5 hurricane force winds of 157 mph.

The mounting post is built using a single 2″ x 2″ channel from bottom to top that allows easy wiring for both the lower and upper heads. The gooseneck is bent with the tightest 6″ center radius using a state-of-the-art mandrel bending die in which the curve is formed uniformly without collapsing the underside of the neck. Compared to competing pedestals with very long necks and/or loose bending tolerances, this is the design preferred by professional installers.

Furthermore, this mounting post is first bead-blasted to eliminate contaminants and blemishes, then powder coated with an outdoor rated TGIC polyester finish with UV protectant to help promote longevity in any weather condition.

Each mounting post includes carriage bolt hardware and is then wrapped in foam packaging and boxed individually for safe shipping.


Weight40 lbs
Dimensions76 × 10 × 15 in

Warranty30 days
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Standard Casepack1
Customer Lead Time1W






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