Lift Master Tele Entry Access Controller

The release of the 1.27 firmware for the LiftMaster CAPXL Telephone Entry & Access Controller includes product enhancements and corrections for bugs. With each new release, it is strongly encouraged that customers upgrade to the latest version of firmware to get the most form their CAPXL and CAP2D.

New release addresses the following issues:

  • Loop detector input board LPEXP must now be toggled ON in CAPXL admin mode to function. This function is now turned OFF by default.
  • Corrects an issue related to CAPXL user interface slowing down over time. Users may have noticed a slow response after pressing a button.
  • Ensures Request to Exit (REX) inputs trigger the LiftMaster gate operator to open when paired wirelessly to CAPXL.

You may upgrade your CAPXL my logging in to your account on and navigating to the desired entry system.

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