Quality and safety is designed into every LiftMaster system for every gate application. LiftMaster tests its operators and safety devices together to make sure they work as a system. This extra level of testing is why their new 2016 UL 325 listed operators and monitored safety entrapment protection devices meet the most stringent industry safety standards, delivering peace of mind wherever they are installed.

The list of the following new, or improved, gate operators and safety entrapment protection devices are approved for use under the upcoming UL 325 guidelines that take effect in January, 2016, that require all gate operators to have monitored inputs for two entrapment protection devices.

UL 325 Listed Gate Operators

  • RSL12U – 12VDC Residential/ Light Commercial Slide Gate Operator
  • RSW12U – 12VDC Residential Swing Gate Operator
  • LA500PKGU – 24VDC Residential/ Light Commercial Linear Actuator
  • LA400PKGU – 24VDC Residential Linear Actuator
  • LA412PKGU – 12VDC Solar Residential Linear Actuator
  • CSW24U – 24VDC High-Traffic Commercial Swing Gate Operator
  • CSL24U – 24VDC High-Traffic Commercial Slide Gate Operator
  • HCTDCU – 24VDC High-Traffic Overhead Door & Gate Operator
  • CSW200 – AC Commercial High-Traffic Swing Gate Operator
  • SL3000 – AC Commercial High-Traffic Slide Gate Operator
  • SL585 – AC Industrial Slide Gate Operator
  • SL595 – AC Heavy-Duty Industrial Slide Gate Operator

UL 325 Listed Entrapment Protection Devices

  • LMTBU – Monitored Through-Beam Photo Eyes
  • LMRRU – Monitored Retro-Reflective Photo Eye
  • LMWEKITU – Monitored Wireless Edge Kit
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