DoorKing’s new covers for the 9050, 9100 and 9150 slide gate operators are now available and ready for shipping. These polypropylene covers offer a great new look and wireless signals easily penetrate through them for better RF reception.

As an added bonus, these operators include a MicroPlus receiver and transmitter kit. Cartons marked “New Style Cover” will include the radio kit. Note that the original metal covers for these operators are still available. Simply order the style you want with the part numbers shown below.

  • 9050-380, 1/2 hp, metal cover
  • 9050-385, 1/2 hp, poly cover
  • 9100-380, 1/2 hp, metal cover
  • 9100-385, 1/2 hp, poly cover
  • 9150-380, 1 hp, metal cover
  • 9150-385, 1 hp, poly cover
  • 9150-384, 1/2 hp, metal cover
  • 9150-386, 1/2 hp, poly cover
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