The MBAR barrier gate operator is getting an update, most notably with the controller. The new BCU1 controller features an improved user interface that uses a 3-digit display and a 6-way joystick/nav wheel to navigate through the menus. Other improvements include a redesigned gear train for longer life, improved limit sensing with a cam shaft that actuates easily, adjustable limit switches, and improved motion control technology powered by a new high resolution position encoder. Also, dry contact inputs will replace the old integrated loop detectors.

In the near future, the color will change too. The high visibility orange color will be replaced with white for a neutral fit into more applications. As before, lights can be added to improve visibility or offer a simple signaling function. Download more info on the Nice MBAR and LBAR barrier gate operators.

Nice Retires the 4300/4500 and 8300/8500 Operators
High Sensitivity to Obstacles