DoorKing has found that their gate operators cannot correctly monitor the Seco-Larm Model E-936-S45RRGQ to their satisfaction. Since this is a safety issue, DoorKing is removing this particular model from their list of authorized accessories in gate operator manuals and are recommending to their distributors and dealers to not use this particular model with DoorKing gate operators at the present time.

Issues with this particular model Seco-Larm photo eye is expected to be corrected in the near future. The following Seco-Larm model photo eyes are fully ompatible with DoorKing gate operators.

E-931-S50RRGQ, Reflective Photo Eye, 50′ range

E-931-S33PRGQ, Polarized Reflective Photo Eye, 33′ range

E-960-D90GQ, Thru-beam Photo Eye, 90′ range

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