In June 2009, HySecurity began using an improved pump in all pump packs for hydraulic operators. Since then, they have continued to support both the old, and new, style pump packs with replacement parts. When the old style couplers need to be replaced there has been the option to either replace the coupler (MX001650) or upgrade the entire pump pack with the new and improved style.

Untill now, they have been able to offer the replacement coupler kit at $42.00. Unfortunately, HySecurity must now increase the price of this part to $216.00 due to supplier costs.

HySecurity will have stock of replacement pump coupler kits (MX001650) for the old style pump pack to cover the next couple of years. Once stock is consumed, they will discontinue this part, at which point, operators can be repaired by replacing the entrire pump pack with the new style.

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