In the 4+ years since their last price increase, Miller Edge has worked relentlessly to identify and implement numerous initiatives to gain efficiencies in sourcing, design and manufacturing of their materials and products. These efforts resulted in our ability to withstand repeated significant cost increases over this long period of time – most notably in labor, material and healthcare.

However, due to a recent round of cost increases in many of these areas, combined with significant increases in material sourcing costs due to the Federal Government’s imposed tariffs on certain imported items, Miller Edge must implement a price increase.

Effective November 1, 2018 the following products’ prices will increase:

  • Air Wave Switch models will increase 10%
  • Air Wave Kit models will increase 10%
  • Junction Boxes JB-02 will increase 45% and JB-02 will increase 10%
  • Pneumatic Switch models will increase 25%
  • Coil Cord and Wire Reel models will increase 25%
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