Effective immediately, Linear is sunsetting the following products. Most models will be available for a last time buy until 6/12/2019 or until supplies run out.

Telephone Entry Systems

  • ACP00892, nickel finish
  • ACP00896S, steel finish
  • ACP00910, nickel finish
  • ACP00919S, steel finish

Electronic Access Control Cylindrical Lockset

  • 212LS-C26DCR-LT, stainless finish
  • 212LS-C26DCR-RT, stainless finish
  • 212LS-CUS3CR-LT, brass finish
  • 212LS-CUS3CR-RT, brass finish

Viper Plus Sensor

  • 0-834000, vibration sensor
  • 0-834010, vibration sensor
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