Access Control Power Supplies

Are you looking for an affordable access control power supply? Look no further. The EAP-1D1Q from Seco-Larm provides a regulated 1A@12/24VDC output and a selectable 2.2kΩ end-of-line (EOL) resistor for AC failure and battery failure supervision relays. Additional features include; AC Input and DC output LED status indicators Adjustable output voltage to [...]

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Make it Clean. Make it Efficient. Make it Wireless

The Enforcer line has a wide variety of RF equipment, including keyring and handheld transmitters, miniature receivers, desktop transmitters and receivers, wired transmitters, a 4-channel central receiver with programmable output tones, and more. All of the transmitters are compatible with all of the receivers in the extensive Enforcer RF Wireless [...]

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New Product from Seco-Larm

The SECO-LARM EAP-3D1Q and EAP-3D5Q power supplies are specifically designed for an access control system's electronic locks and accessories. These power supplies centralize the power sources of access control equipment. They include two supervision relays that can be used to integrate with other systems such as an alarm control panel. [...]

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No Touch Request-to-Exit Sensor

The Enforcer SD-927PKC-NEQ No-Touch Request-To-Exit Sensor uses IR technology to request egress from a protected area or activate a device with the simple wave of a hand. Since it is no-touch, this sensor is ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, labs, clean rooms (to reduce the risk of contamination), schools, [...]

2022-07-19T22:38:21+00:00October 30, 2019|Product Focus, Seco-Larm|

Now Available: Multi-Function Timer

The Enforcer SA-025MQ Multi-Function Programmable Timer from Seco-Larm saves time with seven programmable modes for a variety of common situations. Settings are easily programmed using three pushbuttons and an LED display. The seven available modes include; auto door or gate closure, guard timer, pulse extender/false trigger avoidance, timed relay output, [...]

2022-07-19T22:28:16+00:00October 24, 2019|Product Focus, Seco-Larm|

Universal Electric Door Strike

The Seco-Larm SD-996C-NUQ Universal Door Strike can be used with virtually any cylindrical-locking system and can be configured for use in wood, aluminum, or metal doors. Included are three different-sized face plates that can be easily installed on the strike to match the specific type of door frame. UL 294 [...]

2022-07-19T22:20:07+00:00October 18, 2019|Product Focus, Seco-Larm|
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