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Replacement VFD

A replacement VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) is being implemented into all commercial and industrial grade gate operators. The replacement VFD features different color, model number, and branding, but is otherwise identical in form, function, and quality. Read the full technical bulletin here.

2022-07-15T17:00:34+00:00August 31, 2020|HySecurity, Tech Bulletin|

New Hydraulic Motors

HySecurity will be switching to proprietary hydraulic motors beginning with SlideDriver 30F and 40 models and continuing throughout their product lineup throughout the 2020 year. These proprietary motors have been exhaustively tested and found to be comparable and interchangeable with previously used motors from both Eaton and White. Read the [...]

2022-07-19T22:24:19+00:00February 24, 2020|HySecurity, Tech Bulletin|

myQ System Update

LiftMaster 828LM Internet Gateways that were produced before August 1, 2015 and have not yet been connected to the internet will no longer be able connect to the myQ system if not connected by September 30, 2019. This is due to an important myQ software update being pushed to all [...]

2022-07-19T20:39:22+00:00August 14, 2019|LiftMaster, Tech Bulletin|

Get Up-to-Date

The latest software release for HySecurity gate operators is now available and is being shipped with all gate operators and replacement controller boards as of May 1st, 2018. A free version of the software is available by visiting HySecurity's website. The offical release notification can be read here.

2022-07-19T13:57:30+00:00May 4, 2018|HySecurity, Tech Bulletin|

New Sized Breather Cap

Beginning May 2018, HySecurity hydraulic operators will begin using a redesigned 40 micron, 0.375", breather cap to replace the pre-installed red vent plug. The new breather cap functions identically like previously provided breather, but is smaller form factor. Download the official bulletin from HySecurity.

2022-07-19T13:55:24+00:00May 4, 2018|HySecurity, Tech Bulletin|
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