The UL325 Standard has new requirements that will become effective on August 1, 2018. DoorKing has updated its gate operator product line to meet these requirements. To avoid confusion, and to differentiate the old product from the new, they have changed part numbers on both their gate operators and gate operator control boards.

    • For gate operators, the first digit after the dash in part numbers will be changed to a 3 (i.e. 9150-080 will become 9150-380).
    • For gate operator circuit boards, the last digit in the part number will be an 8 (i.e. 4602-010 will become 4602-018). Circuit boards ending with -018 will automatically determine if it is installed in a UL2016 operator or UL2018 operator and will function under the proper requirements. 4xxx-018 circuit boards will work in UL2016 operators, however, 4xxx-010 circuit boards will not work in UL2018 operators due to a physical keyway. DoorKing will discontinue 4xxx-010 circuit boards. 4xxx-012 circuit boards for pre UL2016 operators will still be available.

Read the official release from DoorKing for additional details. Also, this training document covers installation examples and diagrams to help with the transition.

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UL325 2018 Update